From Adriano Manocchia Studio: Quiet Day

A man of wisdom delights in water



Morning on a lake as the summer gives way to fall… Water lightly rippled by a cooling mountain breeze… A solitary man paddling in his canoe searching for pray or wonders.


I can still remember that day on this mountain lake. It was quiet with only the sounds of nature to keep us company. The water was so clear that we could clearly see the trout scurrying away in the depth of the lake. Even while I observed and experienced that peacefulness, I knew that this scene, this moment in time, would one day find its way in one of my major works. It took several months before I could find the opportunity of starting this painting, the first in a series of large works. As I began applying the paint, I discovered the freedom a large canvas offers you, the realistic effect achieved by combining looser, almost abstract brush strokes, and  the luxury of a wider surface where details can be portrayed even more accurately.   


“Quiet Day” is an oil on panel measuring 36″x48″ and comes framed in a custom made gold frame. As customary the painting will remain available to my special clients on a first come basis. For pricing or if you have any question or would like to acquire artwork feel free to contact Teresa at 518-677-5857 or by e-mail at 


I hope you’ll also find your quiet mountain lake.



Quiet Day

oil on panel

image size 36″ x 48″ 


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