For The Love of Ducks

The ducks migration is about to start, a clear sign that Fall is just around the corner. It is a beautiful time of the year here in the Northeast with the glorious colors only nature knows how to create, but it is also the last chance of enjoying some of my favorite outdoor activities. Winter certainly has its beauties, but the challenge of facing freezing temperatures doesn’t seem to hold the same appeal for me any longer. Of course age has nothing to do with it…

It is in the Fall that thoughts of the upcoming Holiday season start surfacing again for many of us. I don’t know if you think like me, but I reached a point in life that whenever I give someone I care a gift, it needs to be meaningful and long lasting. In this case age has everything to do with it. The way I see it, I rather find a unique gift that will last for ever than spend money on useless items that will be forgotten when a new “fade” sets in. So I go back to the “classics”: a collectable book, an original painting, an antique quilt, a wood decoy, a meaningful antique, all the while trying to match my choice to the taste and interests of the person I’m buying it for. That way, I know that long after I’m gone, that person will be able to enjoy a treasure that will be appreciating in value and that he or she in turn, can pass on to the family. Now that makes a lot more sense to me…

It is also the reason why I use some of these collectible items in my still life paintings. It is my way of creating a “classic” by using the “classics”. And since we are talking about Fall and the approaching duck hunting season, the two paintings I like to share with you this time are both duck hunting still life inspired by marvelous carvings, the first of a working decoy, the second of a decorative one.

Favorite Decoy is a working decoy a dear friend of mine is very partial to. I was particularly taken by the graceful bend of the head and neck, and I made these features the focus of my painting. This oil on panel measures 10″x15″ and comes framed in a custom made gold frame.

The second painting titled In His Studio, found its inspiration in the accurate carving of the pintail I acquired years ago at the Easton Waterfowl Festival when I was also exhibiting at that prestigious event. I had the fortune of meeting many wonderful people and especially carvers from all over the world whose mastery of this art left me often speechless. It is as a tribute to their talent that I created this painting, capturing a special moment in the carver’s studio as he applies the finishing touches to his carving.

Both paintings can also be viewed at along with other available art. If you have any questions or would like to acquire artwork feel free to contact Teresa at 518-677-5857 or by e-mail at

Enjoy the sounds and colors of Fall.

Favorite Decoy oil on panel image size 10"x15" Framed in custom made frame Retail price $2,100.00 (Plus Shipping)
Favorite Decoy
oil on panel
image size 10″x15″
Framed in custom made frame
Retail price $2,100.00 (Plus Shipping)


In His Studio oil on panel image size 13"x18" Framed in custom made frame Retail price $3,000.00 (Plus Shipping)
In His Studio
oil on panel
image size 13″x18″
Framed in custom made frame
Retail price $3,000.00 (Plus Shipping)


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