Adriano Manocchia Named ISC-Audubon Official Conservation Artist

It is with great pride that I wanted to share with you this news.  Ronald G. Dodson, Chairman of ISC-Audubon has announced that I have been named the Official Conservation Artist of ISC-Audubon. Through my position with the not-for-profit ISC-Audubon, I will be working with the organization to generate awareness of the importance of conservation oriented landscape management at home, work and at play.

Mr. Dodson comments: “As Official Conservation Artist, Manocchia will contribute through his art in raising awareness for the ISC-Audubon Conservation Landscapes for America Initiative, which is aimed at motivating people to become personally engaged in conservation and sustainability where they live, work, and play. We are very excited and honored that Adriano has agreed to become associated with our organization”.

I first met and collaborated with Ron when he was working with the National Audubon Society and later with the Audubon Society of New York State. I’m very supportive of the efforts he is now spearheading through ISC-Audubon and I’m honored to contribute to their success through my artistic vision.

With the support of the United States Golf Association (USGA) we have in the past produced a series of golf related art that featured some of the top conservation oriented golf course facilities in the country. Dodson said that the present role that Manocchia will fill, will not only include golf conservation, but will feature artwork of other subjects including waterscapes, sporting art, wildlife and landscapes in order to capture the beauty of some of the most magnificent conservation efforts in America.

To learn more about this collaboration and the organization please click on the link below:

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