Slow Drift by Adriano Manocchia

Oil on Panel 12"x24"
Oil on Panel

There are times when a painting just has that magical quality that makes it a “keeper”. If you have read the text in my book Water, Sky & Time, you know what I’m talking about…

As my wife Teresa so rightly put it: “The ‘keepers’ are paintings we wish we could leave in our collection, but inevitably, sooner or later, end up in someone else’s.” This is so true of this painting. I can still remember that early morning on the river as if it was yesterday. The cool mist was dissipating giving way to the first rays of the sun, while the water was gently lapping my waders. Along the banks the trout were frenetically working the morning hatch but the stillness and transparency of the water made the catch a challenging one. All those sensations came back to me while I was working on this piece and I hope you’ll also feel the crispness in the air, hear the soft gurgling of the water, and expectantly await the light tug of the line in the slow drift…

“Slow Drift” is an oil on panel painting that measures 12″x24″ and is framed in a custom made gold frame. This painting can also be viewed at along with other available art. If you have questions or would like to acquire the artwork or a copy of either the open edition or limited edition book Water Sky & Time feel free to contact Teresa at 518-677-5857 or by e-mail at

I hope you’ll find a place in your travel as magical as this one was for me.


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